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Our services will be more than beneficial to the visitors and we will make sure they receive the best services. We are different from other competitors’ because they have nothing for the male victims of IPV.

We identify the solutions which offer help and support to male victims of domestic violence. The outcome of our research shows that there are few or no organisations that offer help to male victims of intimate partners’ violence.


We all feel depressed from time to time due to difficulties at work, bereavement or other things. The fact that we do and often get over it makes it more difficult to empathise with others who experience this in the long term.

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Simply talking about domestic abuse may help to some extent. However, if symptoms are more severe, you may not be able to confront the reasons behind it as it takes energy and motivation which you may not have.

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Negotiating Relationships

Good relationships can be very supportive and enhance our lives. Most relationships however go through difficult patches and need our willingness to explore these times and change or compromise.

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Coping With Stress

They are various ways of coping with stress such as: owning own stress, developing social supports, knowing yourself and your stressors balancing work and play.

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