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Domestic violence affects men too

Q: What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence includes a range of behaviours: psychological, emotional, physical, sexual or financial abuse. It happens within intimate relationships as well as between family members and forms a pattern of bullying and controlling behaviours. 

It is a one-off event and tends to get worse over time. Abusers can be manipulative in the way they use their power and control. They even blame others and certain factors for their abusive behaviours. The female abuser will always make you feel that CAFCASS and the police will not support you when you claim abuse.

Q: How much does it cost to get help and support?

Our services are entirely FREE.  We focus to increase the safety of men who are experiencing domestic violence. We also promote the safety of their children and help them reduce the risk.

Q: What kind of person experiences domestic violence?

It can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, disability, wealth, identity and lifestyle. HELP 4 MALE VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC ABUSE supports male victims of domestic violence including children custody court battle.

Q: How do you know you are abused by your female partner?

If you are forced to change the way you behave because you are frightened of your partner's reaction, you are being abused. If you feel afraid, walking on eggshells, intimidated by your partner, you are being abused. Moreover, if there is conflict in your relationship and your partner hurts you (psychologically, physically, emotionally etc.), you are being abused. If you are scared of going back home after work because you are scared or worried about what may likely happen when she is at home, then also you are being abused.

Q: Is there help for male victims of domestic violence?

Yes, there are so many ways we offer help and support including children custody court battle. We also make referrals as the case may be.