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Overview of Our Organisation

Overview of Our Organisation

The founders have at some point been victims and survivor of Intimate partner violence in the hands of their ex-wives. All through the period. They sought help for several years and there was absolutely no help and support available. Because there was no help and support available for them and their small children, they had to do everything humanly possible for the safety their small children and they themselves.

After so many months’ battle, they and their children are now free and they have full custody of their children. Through these horrible experiences which they had suffered, they were therefore, inspired to find a way to provide help and support to other men who may be going through all the experiences which they had gone through in the past.

"This project is intended to make a big change in the society."

Help and support of domestic violence against males by their female partners hardly exist in our communities if not in the society because the traditional mainstream belief is that women are generally considered to be the victims of IPV and men, the perpetrators.

There have been so many incidences of male victimization by their female counterparts, but when support has been sought, the male victims were seen as the perpetrators and they were arrested by the police or asked to vacate the family home.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Help 4 Male Victims of Intimate Partner Violence applies a radical approach which aims to relieve the distress and sufferings experienced by men and children thereby, also provide help and support for people facing court without a paid lawyer.

We do this by the applications of the principles of critical modalities such as making a referral for such victims to attend the Personal Support Unit Leeds which is a branch of a national charity and have a team of volunteers based in various Court who provide free support in the civil and family courts, with issues such as access to children, divorce, eviction and money claims.

Help 4 Male Victims of Intimate Partner Violence volunteers can:

  • Listen, and provide information and support
  • Help find out if clients can get free legal advice
  • Discuss settling issues without going to court
  • Explain how the court works
  • Help with court forms and organise court papers
  • Help people to plan what they want to say in court
  • Accompany people in court, take notes and help afterwards
  • Provide details of other specialist agencies

We also make referral to Critical Clinical/Counselling psychologists who will not take stands with the traditional mainstream approach. Our volunteers are trained to do what is right following an attitude which betters the lives or the suffering male victims of such un ethical violence from the hands of their female partners.